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Welcome to EngagePrimaryCare.ca—Your First Point of Contact for Family Physician Engagement.

It is a critical time for health care system transformation in Alberta. Primary health care will be the key to unlocking the whole system’s potential and family physicians are needed to initiate and support the work to get us there.

Family physicians are important contributors to promote and lead change within our health care system and are often needed to provide their critical perspectives on policy development, system reform, and patient care.

EngagePrimaryCare.ca facilitates the need and demand to collaborate with Alberta family physicians through a registry of family physician leaders.

New! Engagement Opportunity Available

One of the Alberta Health Services’ Strategic Clinical Networks. The Digestive Health Strategic Clinical Network is looking for family physicians to join their Core Committee.

About DHSCN Core Committee
The DHSCN is a collaborative team of physicians, front-line health care workers, researchers, administrators, patients, community organizations, and others committed to improving and informing the care of patients with digestive diseases. The scope of the DHSCN includes all digestive diseases, all liver diseases, and cancers of the digestive system across the lifespan. The DHSCN was created to improve care and outcomes of patients with digestive diseases, across the continuum of care, from prevention of disease to diagnosis and early management, and from chronic disease management to end of life care.

The purpose of the Core Committee is to provide strategic oversight of the work of the DHSCN – identifying needs, prioritizing goals and strategies to improve digestive healthcare, supporting stakeholder engagement, and championing the work of the DHSCN.

Participation Request and Expected Outcome
The vision of the DHSCN is “the best digestive health for all Albertans” and the mission is “Innovate and collaborate to create a person-focused, high quality digestive health system through prevention, research, and best practices.”