Engage Primary Care
In partnership with:
The Alberta College of Family Physicians
The Alberta Medical Association
The Primary Care Alliance, and
Alberta Health Services

I am a Family Physician

Family Physicians are an essential part of Alberta’s health care system therefore your practice perspective and expertise are being sought by many stakeholders.

In response to balance the demand and supply for primary care involvement in many projects involving policy development, system reform, and patient care, we ask for your participation and leadership.

Take a moment to register and help guide system reform. Take part in this transformative engagement process and build a community of family physician peers, interested in engaging with stakeholders through a collaborative and well-thought process, with your perspectives as the focus.

What Kind of Physician Leader Are You?

There are many levels of physician leaders being sought-after.

  • Service delivery level leader (front line leader): Working with patients and the public to recognize where and how improvements can be made
  • Mid-level operational leader (mid-level leader): Acting as a bridge between the clinical/public and strategic roles, and translating high level goals in the operational and program delivery area
  • Strategic operational leader (senior level leader): Serving as facilitator of seamless processes taking ideas and uncovering blocks or barriers to system functioning
  • Strategic executive leader (executive level leader): Looking at the entire picture from many viewpoints to drive solution, researching and synthesizing diverse sets of information into a multi-level strategic vision, and leading as astute communicator to set vision and engage staff in making that vision achievable.

How It Works

To participate in an initiative or program looking for a primary care perspective, there are two simple steps:

  1. Read the Guidelines and Process for Seeking Family Physician Representation and understand what kind of leader you are and the expectations of your participation level.
  2. Complete and submit I am a Family Physician engagement form.


The Matching Process

Upon submission, an engagement coordinator will match a request from the Family Physician Leader Registry and connect you with the potential health care initiative in which you may be interested. You may be asked for further information to ensure that there is a right fit.

If you are interested in the overall engagement process and the development plan of this engagement initiative, please take a moment to read Family Physician Engagement Protocol Fact Sheet.