Engage Primary Care
In partnership with:
The Alberta College of Family Physicians
The Alberta Medical Association
The Primary Care Alliance, and
Alberta Health Services

Request a Family Physician


  • Provides one point of entry for all requesters to connect with family physicians in innovative projects, research studies, and health system transformation activities.
  • Supports family physicians who have expressed interest in contributing in specific clinical areas with appropriate professional development opportunities.

How It Works

To engage a family physician in your initiative or program, there are two simple steps:

  1. Read the Guidelines and Process for Seeking Family Physician Representation
  2. Complete and submit Request a Family Physician form

Launch Request a Family Physician Form

The Matching Process

Upon submission, an engagement coordinator will match your request with the Family Physician Leader Registry and connect you with the potential family physician candidates. If you are interested in the overall engagement process and the development plan of this engagement initiative, please take a moment to read the Family Physician Engagement Protocol Fact Sheet.