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The Alberta College of Family Physicians
The Alberta Medical Association
The Primary Care Alliance, and
Alberta Health Services

Privacy Policy

As one of the presenting partners of EngagePrimaryCare.ca and members of the Engaged Leadership Secretariat, the Alberta College of Family Physicians administers and manages EngagePrimaryCare.ca for the purpose of collaborative work with our partners in health care. As such, by using the EngagePrimaryCare.ca site at www.engageprimarycare.ca (the “Website”), each user consents to the collection, use, or disclosure of their Personal Information in accordance with the overall Privacy Policy-and-Procedures-and-Collection of the ACFP, namely Policy Statement 3.4.

Privacy Policy-and-Procedures-and-Collection (https://www.acfp.ca/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/PrivacyPolicy-and-Procedures-and-Collection.pdf)