Engage Primary Care
In partnership with:
The Alberta College of Family Physicians
The Alberta Medical Association
The Primary Care Alliance, and
Alberta Health Services

Guidelines and Process for Seeking Family Physicians

A comprehensive guide has been developed to assist a requesting organization early in the process to encourage thoughtful preparation so that the best family physician candidate(s) can be recruited for the engagement opportunity.

There are six areas for consideration before you begin to fill out the form.

Relevance to Family Physicians

Identify if the issue/opportunity is relevant to family physicians.

Level of Engagement

Based on the relevance, consider what degree of engagement is most appropriate for family physicians on this issue.

Level of Representation

Based on the relevance and degree of decision-making, indicate which proficiency level of leaders that is most appropriate for family physician recruitment on this issue.

Engagement Plan

Consider other aspects to examine if family physician engagement is most appropriate for this issue at this moment.


Specify what outcome(s) you want to have achieved at the end of the engagement activity.


Clarify what product(s) will result from the engagement.